Cave Paintings

March 26, 2011

Originally, I was going to post some of that famous concept art using this title, but then it struck me: are there Star Wars cave paintings out there?  I mean, the Mayans predicted the end of the world centuries ago; what if someone also realized that milleniums later there would be a film franchise unrivaled in magnitude and influence?  Maybe some wizard prior to the Stone Age.  Maybe a fanboy accidentally thrown back in time.  Either way, apparently archeologists DID recently uncover a number of cave paintings that bare striking resemblance to certain characters from certain science fiction films.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Alright, so this first one looks more like some kid drawing on his wallpaper.

Some of these things don’t even look like Star Wars characters, i.e. the random calf being elevated by Darth Vader

And what about the dude just above the pointer finer who looks like he’s hugging a kangaroo?

No, here are the real cave paintings:

You know?  It’s possible that, since the adventures of Star Wars occurred long, long ago, a Jedi, or someone familiar with Star Wars lore and from that universe, became stranded on earth millions of years before modern civilization.  Maybe said person or people even helped start humankind.  And maybe Lucas then found their history logs buried in some woods near his college!


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