So… yeah.  I really like Star Wars.  Ever since I first watched my aunt and uncles special edition VHS of A New Hope I was hooked.  I’ve probably watched the Star Wars Original Trilogy one million times.  You think I’m being hyperbolic?  I’m not.  As with a lot of people, I felt let down by the new trilogy, but I’m too much of a fan not to like them.  Star Wars shaped the way I imagined, the way the I wrote, and even the way I thought.  Yoda’s teachings in Episode V were very influential to my six-years-old mind, not to mention Ben Kenobi’s teaching on truth in Episode VI.

The thing is, that’s kind of where it stopped for me.  It shaped my imagination and it influenced my character, but it’s never really become more.  That’s why I love seeing all these things that other people make in honor of their favorite film.  It is something more for them.  Granted, as I write this, the site is still just blossoming, but I have so much in store for it, and for you, viewer.  From animations to fan films, websites to video games, photoshop to street art, and everything else in between.  Seriously, the Star Wars fandom hardly fits into our galaxy.

Now, sometimes the things you’ll see here are funny, and purposely so, while other times they’re funny in a more accidental manner.  Make no mistake, I have the utmost respect for any person who has ever bore their soul to the world via the internet.  While I think it’s a healthy and normal reaction to laugh, it is not my intention or goal to belittle or embarrass anyone.  For that reason, many of the sources for the material will remain anonymous.  As my disclaimer thus points out, nothing featured on this website was created by, or belongs to, me.  They are simply borrowed from the free-source gallery of information that is the internet, more specifically, Google.

So that’s my “About” speech.  Hopefully that gives you some idea of what I’m about and why this site exists.  Truth be told, if you’ve read this far, you should leave a comment, let me know what you think.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for stopping by.


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