Humpday Links

April 6, 2011


Alright.  We tried this last Thursday and I thought we could give it one more whir.  Be sure to comment at the bottom and let me know what you think of a weekly links post.

  • The Salon media news website posted an article today featuring Star Wars: the Musical in its entirety.  Nothing like mid-90’s instruments and mid-90’s style, all captured on mid-90’s camcorders.
  • Also on-topic with fan-made tributes, Vimeo has an entire channel devoted to Star Wars fan films.  I’ll be going through them in the future and posting some favorites, but be sure to check it out in the meantime!
  • AMOG’s just posted an article about the Chilean Jedi Academy.  It may be a little late, but it has a lot more information than any earlier articles.
  • Lego Star Wars can get tricky.  Here’s the walkthrough for the latest version, Lego Star Wars III.
  • Need a new set of wheels? The AT-AT is officially on-sale for all your Rebellion crushing galactic conquest.
  • Maybe this isn’t exactly Star Wars related, but the article does reference the Star Wars kid, and apparently it’s an amazingly addictive game.

Facebook, Just in Case

April 6, 2011

Far, Far, Awayz is officially a FACEBOOK community!!!!

You can find our site by clicking here.  Make sure to “Like” the page. It will feature a link to the daily article as well as a bunch of other fun and random things that didn’t make it onto the Far, Far, Awayz site.

Once we hit one hundred fans we’ll start doing trivia games and sending out Star-Wars-themed gift packages!

Sounds like a blast?  That’s because it is!  So don’t be a stranger!


**Also, check back later today for the official daily article.  Thanks!  And may the Force be with you.**

Every year, at least a few different Star Wars fans manage to release hilarious Star Wars-themed gags.  This year is no exception.

The developers working on Star Wars: Old Republic released a profile of one of their new characters for the highly anticipated game.  You can check out its profile by clicking here.

Another gag, isn’t actually a new gag at all.  Two years ago ThinkGeek featured an unusual style of sleeping bag on their website.  It looked like this:


Unfortunately for ThinkGeek, everyone thought exactly what you’re thinking: I want one!  After receiving massive amounts of requests for the Star Wars sleep sack, ThinkGeek had no choice but to actually develop their prank.  Today, the bag is on sale at ThinkGeek’s website for the small price of $99.99.

It seems for dedicated Star Wars fans, anything is possible – even turning a ruse into reality.

Now if only Jar Jar had been an April Fools prank…


Tom Tom has recently released add-ons for their mobile GPS devices that can be purchased and downloaded from the Tom Tom website, and, for all my non-force endowed out there, the add-ons are Star Wars character voices.  It’s almost enough make me sell my Garmin and switch over.  The best part, seriously though, are their adds.  Check ’em out: