April 7, 2011

Everyone loves a good blooper reel from time to time.  The real treat is when it’s from a movie you didn’t think still had a blooper reel, i.e., films made prior to the late 80’s.  Luckily for us, Lucas and his team kept the bloopers from the original, Star Wars trilogy.  Check it out:

Granted, you may also count the Star Wars Christmas Special:


Star Wars in the Arts

April 5, 2011


Sometimes it’s good to appreciate the finer things in life.  Star Wars fans do it all the time.  Have a look!

Just ignore the titles; the puns are free.



Monday Fan Films

March 29, 2011

All this talk of fan films yesterday made me think that Monday is a perfect day for drudging the sarlacc pit out back, and for posting over seven different, classic Star Wars fan films.  Some of them are longer than the average YouTube series, while others are short and funny soda commercials.  They’re also in order of less favorite to most favorite, and consequently time of release as well (maybe).

To start off the line up is the classic, original Star Wars fan film Hardware Wars, made before computer editing existed and people still shot movies on actual film.  Sure it shows a little bit, and the humor is obviously 70’s, but cut it a little slack, there are some gems amidst the thumb twiddling.

Hardware Wars

Essence of the Force


Makazie One



Thumb Wars: