Quick, to the Facebook!

April 7, 2011


Hey everyone, there’s a link right now on the Far, Far Awayz Facebook page that will take you to the March Madness of Science Fiction Film Nerdom, or at least that’s what several of my nerd friends and I are calling it… That, or MMSFFN.  But hurry, the winning film of the tournament will be chosen tonight!  Just click on the hyperlinked words below to go to the Far, Far Awayz Facebook Page.  Then, click on the link on the first update.







Facebook, Just in Case

April 6, 2011

Far, Far, Awayz is officially a FACEBOOK community!!!!

You can find our site by clicking here.  Make sure to “Like” the page. It will feature a link to the daily article as well as a bunch of other fun and random things that didn’t make it onto the Far, Far, Awayz site.

Once we hit one hundred fans we’ll start doing trivia games and sending out Star-Wars-themed gift packages!

Sounds like a blast?  That’s because it is!  So don’t be a stranger!


**Also, check back later today for the official daily article.  Thanks!  And may the Force be with you.**

This Week on the Web!

March 31, 2011