Facebook, Just in Case

April 6, 2011

Far, Far, Awayz is officially a FACEBOOK community!!!!

You can find our site by clicking here.  Make sure to “Like” the page. It will feature a link to the daily article as well as a bunch of other fun and random things that didn’t make it onto the Far, Far, Awayz site.

Once we hit one hundred fans we’ll start doing trivia games and sending out Star-Wars-themed gift packages!

Sounds like a blast?  That’s because it is!  So don’t be a stranger!


**Also, check back later today for the official daily article.  Thanks!  And may the Force be with you.**


Star Wars in the Arts

April 5, 2011


Sometimes it’s good to appreciate the finer things in life.  Star Wars fans do it all the time.  Have a look!

Just ignore the titles; the puns are free.



Friday, Monday

April 4, 2011

There’s been a lot of hype recently over a very unpopular, ear-worm of a song called Friday by Rebecca Black.  Garnering primarily negative reviews and harsh responses from across the web, Rebecca Black, through her new hit single, has simultaneously become a success and an enemy of the state over night.  I figured, something this big is bound to catch the eye of at least one amazing Star Wars fan.  As it turns out, I was right, confirming that Star Wars fans really are the most creative fans in the universe.  Here are just a few of the parodies I found:





If you’ve found a Star Wars themed image, video, sound byte, or article parodying Rebecca Black, please comment on this article and include it in your comment.

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…And some other classic Hip-hop-based, Star Wars tributes and parodies.

College Humor usually has the funniest videos on the YouTube.  For this amazing Star Wars tribute, CH took the track from Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind and spun it out in a way only Vader, himself, can deliver.  Check it out:

Granted, Star Wars and Hip hop have been romancing for a while now.  The first entry on this site was for the Star Wars Gangsta Rap.  But seriously, everyone loves Star Wars, even real, hardcore, gangsta rappers like Immortal Technique.


Did you notice how well real, murder rap and Star Wars just seemed to flow together in that clip?  It’s as though the Force cannot deny the flow of a sick Hip hop beat, and Hip hop can’t deny epic coolness of Star Wars.  Even Snoop Dogg showed up to help promote the Adidas/Star Wars line.

Missed him?  How about this one?

See what I mean, now?  Star Wars and Hip hop were born to be lovers.  Even Yoda can’t deny his feelings.

Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi

April 2, 2011


Born on the planet Stewjon, Kenobi was sent to Coruscant at an early age to train in the ways of the Force.  However, due to impatient tendencies, Kenobi was seen as a threat and sent to work with the Jedi Service Corps, rather than train to become a Jedi Knight.


It wasn’t until a fateful meeting a year or so later between Jinn and Kenobi, that Jinn realized Kenobi’s potential.  Since his training under Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi became the first Jedi to kill a Sith Lord in 1,000 years, played a major role in the Clone Wars, and assisted in the rekindling of the Jedi Order as well as the defeat of the Galactic Empire.



One of the most dynamic characters in Star Wars lore, Obi-Wan Kenobi remains a force to be reckoned with, even after his death.  His roles in Episodes IV, V, and VI may seem minor, but without him, Luke would have never studied in the ways of the force, he and Han would have never saved Leia Organa, and the Rebellion would have been crushed at the Battle of Yavin.



For more information on Obi-Wan Kenobi as a character you can visit his profile on Wookiepedia.

For more information on Kenobi’s home during his exile on Tatooine you can visit Ben Kenobi’s hut’s profile.

For a profile of the character based more in reality you can visit the Wikipedia page.